The Galactic Explorers!

The Galactic Explorers!

Hello Explorers!

To begin with, we want to thank Cobra for inviting us to this space and giving us the chance to put our name and our content out there for you all to see!

Now, onto our content! We basically create the Galactic Explorers Podcast, a conversational podcast on gaming (mainly focusing on science fiction) but as all good conversations do, they can go a little off topic at times. We were found on our love for No Man's Sky Back in 2016 and have changed and evolved since then.

We've recently had a re-brand and moved channels on YouTube but with that our entire back log of podcast episodes are also in one place on that channel, so please go check it out!

Our YouTube Channel

We are also on iTunes and Google Play Music, so please check those out also and show us some support, it's always appreciated!

iTunes Link

Google Play Music Link

To celebrate us being involved with Cobra, you can expect to see the next episode of our Galactic Explorers Podcast go live later today at 11am PT or 7pm BST so look out for our next post then!

Once again thankyou to Cobra, and myself and the rest of the team are looking forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback and seeing your conversations on our podcast!


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