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The Euclid is a digital No Man's Sky Magazine designed to focus on the community, and to inform other Explorers of tips, and tricks combined with official No Man's Sky news, and community driven events. 
Issue 1
 I recently got the chance to sit down and have an amazing chat with Mr. Dopezart. One of my favorite content contributors to the No Man's Sky community

 Dopezart has been blazing his awesome artwork from the beginning. In the interview we talk about how it all started, where he gets his inspiration from, and so much more. 
   Whats even more exciting is that Dopezart is considering publishing these comics in print (something I am looking forward too) He has a line of shirts for his brand and even plans to look into starting an original series of his own, with hints of a collaboration from a former Marvel Comics inker!  
   Take a bit of time out of your stressful day, and have a listen to our chat below!  

   Recently I restarted my game for a second time. I did this to do a video showing how simple getting all Glyphs could be by only knowing the first 2 thanks to the amazing Explorers at the T.O.G. But it turned out I had more trouble than I bargained for getting the second Glyph. Some people have reported seeing travelers EVERYWHERE... This was not the case with me. I searched and searched for a second Traveler for three days. It wasnt until I came upon a video by PoulPC another awesome member of our community who detailed how to actually make one spawn at a Trading Post.

  The trick is once you find a Trading Post, and no Traveler present. Simply lay down a beacon, (or if you were given a way point for the location no need for the beacon) then fly straight upwards to space until you are off the planet enough for your galaxy map icon to show up, and then fly right back town to the trade post! 
  This may not work the first time, and maybe not even the 2nd or 3rd. The first trade post I was at yielded no result. But the second one I went to worked on the first try, as you can see in the video below Starting in the video at 1:09.

I also had the amazing pleasure to try out two mazes from 2 very awesome explorers! You can see the videos below! 
The Travelers maze was incomplete for me due to a build limit that only the base owner could see, and other parts were not visible to me! 

Also included in this article is information about the portal repository! A place where you can share your portal addresses for all to see!


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