No One Cares About My Opinion on Neon Genesis Evangelion

(No One Cares About My Opinion is written by Allen from Allen’s Anime Corner where he gives his honest opinion on different topics in the anime and video game world. Today he talks about why he isn’t a fan of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion").

Most anime fans believe that I should love this classic mecha show for the following reasons. It’s got awesome robot fights. The characters are amazing and feel human. It deconstructed the mecha genre. It explores human psychology. And that the theme song is amazing. These are all valid points and I do enjoy the "Cruel Angels Thesis", so why don’t I like Evangelion. One word, HYPE.

Ever since I got into anime everyone told how amazing this series was. How it was the quintessential mecha anime and that you aren’t a real fan unless you confess your undying love for it. And unfortunately that’s what ruined for me. When I finally got around to watching it I was expecting a grand story, with awesome giant robot fights accompanied by the exploration of the human psyche, and to be fair this is what I got. But since I had seen plenty of other mecha series that explored the same things and were clearly inspired by Evangelion, such as "Aquarion" and "Gurren Lagann" it was just a little underwhelming. Of course that’s not Evangelion’s fault, but it’s hype that ruins anime for me sometimes. If I had seen it earlier when I first started getting into anime I would probably hype it up as much as everyone else.

And as we all know hype can ruin pretty much anything. It’s a problem that we face with anime, video games, comics, pretty much anything that has a loyal fan base. When things are hyped up to much you become disappointed because it didn’t live up to your expectations. The best way to not be disappointed is to have high hopes, but low expectations. But that’s just my opinion, not that you care.


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