The Rumandapples Show - Twitch Bans AO Games, Oculus Rift $1500 - Ep. 55

Lots of discussion about, Until Dawn FINALLY gets a release date, Sega, Daybreak no longer ESA members, Until Dawn Launches on PS4 August 25th, The Indie Game Spotlight segment returns with Impact Winter: A Dynamic Survival Story, & Dimension Drive, updates about 2Awesome Studio, ESA allowing exhibitors to invite 5,000 of their most enthusiastic fans to trade show, Gearbox dropped from Colonial Marines lawsuit, UK's Watchdog program to air investigation into Sony involving it's Digital refunds policy, Twitch banning Adults Only (AO) Games, Titanfall 2 not being at E3, Starbreeze Studios, Oculus Rift news plus more! 

About Cobra Unmasking:
Cobra unmasking was a monumental event. I know it took a lot of fuckin' courage for him to do so. 

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