Hello Games No Man's Sky Confirmed at E3

Long time subscriber LegacyZ3RO Has brought it to my attention that hello games Not only will be at the Sony press conference, But will be stopping by to talk at E3 after all!

  Who knows what we will see out of Hello Games this year. Many of us are hoping for a new trailer, while others are super hoping that No Man's Sky will get released during E3.
  The NMS community though is in HIGH anticipation at the moment! And all we can do is wait!!
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  1. You know, I really like this Geoff Keighley fellow... :)

    1. Geoff Keighley is basically the biggest face in Games Journalism. Kinda like Ryan Seacrest. What he did with The Game Awards last year was AMAZING.

    2. I agee, Thats about the best way to put the state of Geoff lol!

  2. oh I agree! He has always been there pushing this game into the spotlight!


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