Will No Man's Sky be delayed?... NO!

     So I put my opinion in the title to make it apparent that this isn't click bait! But since we are using the word opinion here lets go ahead and assign that word to Danny O'Dwyer as he talks about a delay for No Man's Sky!
Although he makes some really good points, and does seem like a good chance. I still feel like we can see the game around Q3 to Q4! His recent tweeting as reported by Crossmap and KdramaStars (which those sites have zero respect from me!) could be due to them getting ready to bring a recent build to E3! If the game is going to be released this year or next! i can guarantee we will see them at E3, And im almost positive we will get a release date as well! 

Regardless when its coming out, I, and I speak for myself, can wait til next year for this game! I respect this amazing advancement in gaming so much, that i want it to be released finished and well rounded! We as gamers have been getting way to used to paying for unfinished games! But as i said, i truly feel this game will in fact be released this year in 2015!  Steer clear of all these click bait articles saying things like.... No Man's Sky to be delayed, or No Man's sky release date **LEAKED INFO FROM A CONTACT INSIDE HELLO GAMES**
None of that is real! Kdramastars, and crossmap, and many others want you to click. The only source for the actual release date i will trust is Hello Games!
I love you guys, thank you all for reading! Stay positive and stay awesome! Until next time!


  1. People who do click baity things LIKE THAT (I'm not saying click bait is bad, cause that's what YouTube is anymore, unfortunately) is just too far. You don't need to lie for clicks, yet a lot of people do. I seriously doubt Hello Games would release that kind of information to anybody. I'm sure they know what they're doing and I agree that we shouldn't trust anything until we hear it from Hello Games


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