The GNN.... Gloves are off! :)

I am compassionate, and passionate, about people, and about gaming! But as a person i do have faults, bad behavior, and bad habits! On Cobra TV I tend to tone that down for a comfortable place to spend some time at! So i really want to create a show where i can kinda let lose a little bit more, and talk about Gaming, Comic books, movies, cartoons, ANYTHING that i would normally nerd out on, and then i want to see what this show evolves into! I love you guys! No one is perfect and one of my missions is to show you how imperfect i am!  please follow the show! THIS WILL NOT CHANGE THE WAY I ACT ON THE NMS COBRATV CHANNEL! EVER! NEVER! NOWAY! NEVERLAND! NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NUH UH! THAT SHOW WILL ALWAYS STAY AS IT IS! AS I LOVE IT! But on Cobra TV GNN the gloves are off!


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