WarFrame2...uh..I mean..Destiny 2!!

For all of those Destiny lovers out there, I have some good news! There is a WarFra..um.. Destiny 2 in the making. There are some changes from the first that many of you may enjoy. Such as an actual story to follow! And a new class to join the traditional titan, hunter, and warlock classes. this class is called the lore-master class. There seems to be a catch with this 
class, though. It has no actual attacks, but it can recite the history of whatever planet you are on at the time, which might come useful. It can also describe in real-time what the other characters in the fire-team are doing. So, if you want to be a creepy stalker, you can, with this easy to use class!! If players are in earshot of the narrative told by the lore master they will receive "listening" shards and energy. This would be the only way to upgrade the top-tier Ear Trumpet armor set with sufficient light to reach level 40.
  Now I know what you are thinking Oh No! Here we go again!! But there's no way Bungie hasn't heard they really messed up with the gaming community. So that leaves me to believe, this could turn out to be a good game... maybe... man that sounded weird when I said that out loud! But surely They cannot be that stupid! Only time will tell. And when that time comes I will tell, right here on Cobra TV. This has been Pixie reporting for the GNN! Until next time guys! <3


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