The Rumandapples Show - Gaming is Rampant With Crime, Fraud, & Lawsuits - Episode 54

Lots of discussion about, Oculus Rift “creator” Palmer Luckey facing another lawsuit against Total Recall Technologies for fraud, Hellraid and why it needs to be put back on the shelf, The Evil Within and the Keeper DLC that should have been the original game, why Roshu (RoshuGaming) is the perfect co – host to Across The Pond, Desura not paying people, Konami and it's plan for mobile, some World of Warcraft news relating to the banned cheaters, Honorbuddy attempting to come back, League of Legends gets and attaboy, 17 yr old swatter pleads guilty to 23 counts of harassment, Man loses RV home from Nintendo Wii, Batman Arkham Knight live action trailer gets a negative review for pandering to impressionable people, why the applecores are the most important factor to The Rumandapples Show, Story Time with Rum, Plus More!!

Shout out to Craigheadpro and RoshuGaming for submitting game footage:




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