No Man's Sky Explorers Head Quarters

Martin Requiem
The community manager at our awesome
has made some pretty cool default avatar pics for all of you! Stop on by and join us if you haven't already! Tell your friends about it! Paste it everywhere you see NMS!
But what is it exactly?
ExploreNMS is a way for all of us explorers to get together, share stories, pics, and videos. A major group effort to map as much of the universe as we can! You can also write stories there! Either about your actual adventures, or Fan Fiction! Or maybe you are into Role playing like me. You can share that by writing short stories that are ongoing. Your own series! your own imaginative adventures for all of us to read! Lets make this the biggest community on the net guys! Share this article with the share buttons below, and lets GROW!
   I would also like to welcome 2 new authors to the GNN
Pixe, and Miranda! Pixie has al;ready wrote 2 really good articles! If any of you are interested in writing for The GNN comment below to find out the details!
  As far as my Youtube channels go, I am working on the 3rd and last Galactic EP. Episode 3ree! And on the other channel, A more adult content gaming PodCast
 There is so much more going on and will let you know soon enough!   I love you guys! Im gonna end this here for now! Until Next time!


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