Hatred is Coming June 1st

Looks like Hatred from Destructive Creations will be launching June 1st 2015. They have released a new gameplay trailer dubbed, "Human Shields" referring to police officers who die protecting the civilians who are going to die anyways because you are the Hatred guy. Despite the polarizing opinion circulating the gaming community, Hatred is rated AO and is on Steam or can be pre ordered from Destructive Creations website cited below.

Pre Order Hatred Here: http://www.destructivecreations.pl/

As many of you know Hatred is coming out June 1st, 2015 on Microsoft Windows PC and is rated Adults Only. With the final trailer now being out looking brilliant. One must look toward it's release and really find out how good it is. Still with all the people constantly hating the on the isometric shooter Hatred, Roshu and Rum have some words.

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