GameStop meets No Man's Sky! SMH

I just got back from Gamestop! and I started to ask them a few questions about no mans sky....Do you know they had the gull to look at me like I was stupid and asked...
GameStop Employee- "Are you sure you are saying it correctly?" and "I haven't even heard of it til you said something, so I don't think its as big as you say" and Its ONLY an indie title, so that's why they never heard of it... oh and I said
Cobra- "they won best of E3"......
Their response " Indie devs don't get that much attention, and that I have gotten it all mixed up and confused! Then I mentioned Joe Danger, and one of them said, "Oooooh yeah, I have heard of that dev team! They are super small, and only made one game, and that I must be confused with something else. LMAO! These were employees. FFS! Knowledgeable staff my Ass! I gotta tell ya! I thought for a min they knew who I was by my voice and was messing with me, but nope! So, this has prompted me to maybe start a new series up, where I call around and ask people who should know about No Man's Sky and see what they say!
   Hey guys, we are doing a new show called THE GNN! Which will be a mix of TMZ, The Opie and Anthony show, and a gaming PodCast! They will all start off normal, as a bunch of friends talk about gaming, then get twistedly turned into insanity! Not knowing what will be said next! Please check it out. Its also a show that im going to have heavily relied on viewer feedback and direction!
Here is a preview!


  1. Hahaha yep sounds like GameStop folk

    Wat cha gonna do? But For sure, I gotta be on the next GNN podcast or NMS subcall. Whenever we can make that happen and however long that takes I'm down. Just let me know...............

    Ps the procedural Sounds from the New Yorker article are UNREAL!!!

    Cheers COBRA

  2. I would love a series like that. Just hearing people's reactions and responses, it'd be great. I think that's a really good idea!

    But gamestop hires young teenagers who like to think they know everything so I'm not surprised by this


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