Resources, multitool, and more!

-The alternative periodic table ties directly into the game’s use of resources, which are used to improve your avatar’s suit and your weapon, and can be traded at space stations to earn money to upgrade your suit, or multitool, or buy a new one

-Resources can be combined Edge

You don't have an inventory, but you do have a sort of bank account.
Any employment in the game will net you money and you can use this to buy equipment
Money is called units, and can be earned from almost everything you do. Blowing up ships, gathering and selling resources, discovering anything new.
You will gather resources with the mining laser and grenades, and can only see resources in a special scanning mode.
Upgrades to suit and weapon don't vanish on death
There will be lots of barren planets, but they can still have valuable resources
Planets will generally only have one type of resource on
Malevolent force is a robotic army. They maintain the balance of the universe and patrol around on some planets. If you are just strolling around, they will ignore you. But if you start killing creatures or carving out resources and they see this then they will attack.
You will have a multi-tool, which will act as a scanner, weapon and mining tool. (Square to use scanner)
There are grenade like plasma balls
You can blow holes in things
Trading posts are dotted around planets, and there is more than one type. Some might buy up resources, some might be specialized for specific upgrades to your suit and weapons, and not every store stocks the same inventory. 


  1. Pretty interesting stuff, definitely showing people this site to help them better understand the game.


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