Modding in No Man's Sky?

No Man's Sky & The Joy of Modding the Universe on PC!

Take a look at this article, and let me know how you guys feel about modding in NMS. Sean mentioned Changing one thing in the game would effect the rest of the universe. But felt that if he didnt allow for some modding tools people would end up doing it themselves.  Could modding be a bad, or good thing NMS? Click the link below and leave a comment on this post about how you feel! And are you playing it on PC or PS4?,manual




  1. Hm.. Personally with this game I don't think modding will affect the 'main multiplayer seed', if that makes sense. There's an offline mode, mentioned by Murray a few times in a few interviews.
    To me, modding means changing the gameplay experience. Ex: Prison on Minecraft. That change in the game changed the way Minecraft was played. But mods can also be subtle, such as a change in the way your HUD looks.
    So, I think it might be possible to add your mods into the singleplayer mode, but- it has also been mentioned that a more traditional multiplayer will come out later. It's been said this is just his way of saying you'll be able to get with your friends easier. So by putting 2 and 2 together, I think you could possibly invite them to your 'singleplayer' universe with your added mods into it.

  2. Would that be cross-platform? (Crossplay)

  3. Would that be cross-platform? (Crossplay)


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