Dreamer: Kings - A No Man's Sky Story | Episode 1

Dreamer: Kings - A No Man's Sky Story | Episode 1

Hello Explorers!

Today we are announcing a new series on The Galactic Explorers YouTube channel!

This short series will follow Kings, a dreamer, trapped within the simulation and trying to find his way home. Follow his story through the many dangers of No Man's Sky, from dogfights with pirates, surviving harsh and inhospitable environments, to exploring the complete unknown. Will he find the way to escape the simulation, or will he be doomed to forever jump from one system to the NEXT ...

This series is created by our new Galactic Explorers Podcast co-host Kings, so show your support and leave some feedback!

From all of us here at The Galactic Explorers, thankyou for all your continued support in everything that we do!

Link to Episode 1


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