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Stellar Technologies' Research Freighter "Deep Reverence"

Greetings fellow interlopers and citizen scientists! My name is Justin, aka Prismatic Evil, and I run the twitter page, Stellar Technologies. Some of you might also know that I have a blog called, Perfect Machinations, that follows my fictional company, you guessed it, Stellar Technologies, currently stationed in the Euclid galaxy of the No Man's Sky Universe. Each week I post stories from the past and present scientists and researchers of Stellar Technologies as they discover new and exciting places in Euclid.
Oasis I

Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies, and I generally can find inspiration from many places. No Man's Sky makes it very easy to come up with fantastical stories of adventure and discovery with their rich worlds and stunning landscapes. Like most No Man's Sky players, I find myself "stuck" in photo mode most of the time. No Man's Sky is more a work of art than a game to me. I can wander the infinite worlds for hours at a time, snapping photos and getting ideas for stories. That is how Stellar Technologies came about.
Stellar Technologies Botanical Enrichment Center on Oasis I

The "founding" of Stellar Technologies was something to create a means for adventure. I thought it was cool that there were fictitious companies and factions populating the game, and I wanted to be a part of it. I reached out to King Hova, which some of you might know, and he graciously accepted me into the Hovan Empire. That is truly when Stellar Technologies was born and the adventure began. The game itself became a shared story instead of just my story. I think that is one of the truly remarkable concepts of this game. The fact that you are alone, but that you never feel alone. You always somehow feel connected to everyone else in the universe.

Recent Stellar Technologies Acquisition: Binary Tactical Systems on Oasis I

So if the idea of short stories revolving around this beautiful game interests you, I would be honored to have you come check out my blog, or follow me on Twitter. You will find me posting short stories here from time to time, but most of my time is spent finding tranquility among the dreamscapes of this work of art. Until next time, safe travels citizen scientists!

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