Youtube personalities.

Cobra TV is looking for highly motivated, and professional Youtube personalities to add to the show. I can only take  2 maybe 3 at this time, and I almost didn't want to make this post due to not being able to take on more than 3. My fear is that some may think they are not good enough, and that is not the case. All of you are truly wonderful.
I am looking for personalities that fit the flow of CobraTV first and foremost. I cannot pay these content creators, but my hope is it can allow the chance for people to see your talent and help build your community as well.
This would be one video a week, Im thinking along the lines of an opinion type video, a tutorial video. Not long gameplay but at the beginning and end of the video state something to the affect that the content is being provided to Cobra TV and state where you can be found. This could also be a normal upload that you have on your own channel, minus the Cobra TV bits.
This is not to slow down the content I provide, but to provide more diverse content on Cobra TV, and in hopes to help other youtubers as well.
Please message me on twitter if you are interested. Remember if I cant chose you its not because of your content or your talent. At the moment I can only bring on 3 people. My twitter link is below.


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