The Star Scribe Project in the Galactic Hub of No Man's Sky

Hello interlopers! I have been hard at work setting up a very simple project that will hopefully grow into something HUGE. I need as much help as I can though. If any of you are at all interested in writing your own lore, especially about the history of the Travelers, please look into how to do so in the wiki (authors will need to complete a task in the game before signing up on the list on the wiki): 

In short, the Star Scribe Project uses a simple notation to connect a string of communication station messages among several planetary bodies to create one long coherent lore story. The writing process is in all honesty extremely tedious because you are only able to get a few words done per comm station, but once it is finished, it makes for a great adventure for the reader with many cool scenic stops among the hub along the way. If you want to read one of the hopefully numerous entries (currently there is only mine) then head on over to [Hub-G-A5] Mygejo (Traveler Lore Origin) in the 11th region of the hub (there are directions in the wiki page) and find where all of the stories for this project start. From the planet Lofamy Rebleth, whose name is derived from the words "lore", "fable", and "myth", all of the stories share their first comm stations, but after that, they should branch off to different neighboring stars in the hub. As a reader, it will be useful to take screenshots of the comm messages as you go so you can piece the story together at the end. I also encourage all authors to ensure that the systems they use are in the Hub Management System so that readers don't have too much trouble finding the next location of the scavenger hunt to visit. The wiki has more information. I've been planning this since March and have just had to put it aside because of highschool. Now I can finally start actively promoting it. My dream is to have Lofamy Rebleth become a well known location and tourist attraction in the hub. The surface of Lofamy Rebleth should be covered with comm stations, each one leading to a new scenic adventure across the hub with a story to tell. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

This video advertises some of the cool places and experiences you might have in the HUB if you choose to read the first story. I know the video is long and uneventful, but it was just fun to make, so enjoy the music and the scenery.

*NOTE*~ The Star Scribe Project is currently only setup for PS4, but PC players are encouraged to setup their own using the same notation.


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