Mysterious tapes story continues

The story of the mysterious tapes continue as the days go by. This post is designed to help you follow the progress! Tape 7/16 has been uploaded. Side A, Side B, and what seems to be a strange code the audio can be found here.
Side A
Side B
Side A is being reported to be the same for all, It is side B that is unique. It is also being reported by the uploader that there is a code in the Spectrograph as seen below..
We have also included a link to follow the progress of the tapes as they come in and are shared.
  Side A seems to be amazing 65DOS music while Side B is very strange. We cannot make out what its supposed to be other than ambient sci-fi sounds, but keep in mind this is only tape 7 of 16. Let us know what you think below. Once a few more tapes come in we will be doing a live stream to cover this strange but oh so cool story!  You can find us and our awesome community right here! See you all in a live stream soon!
***EDIT*** All tapes uploaded so far seem to be the same on both sides with the exception of the beginning of side A stating the Number of the tape in a synthetic voice.
***Edit here is a convo thread between some of those that received a tape!


  1. Smartest stunt ever pulled by an indie game company ;)

  2. grah! interloper, you don't know what you're getting into.

  3. Best reporting on the tapes we have seen so far. Love to see you favoring the facts with some commentary and leaving the opinions to the viewers! Rare sight these days.


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