No Man's Sky mysterious cassette tapes

It is being reported that  Hello Games has sent mysterious cassette tapes to Reddit mods of the NMS Portal group and to other Reddit groups as well ,   And from the Picture it seems to be 16 tapes to be exact. A bit odd to send out messages on casseste tapes, but all those who have received these are scrambling to find a way to play them. One person told me he was on his way to his grandmothers house to sit in her Lincoln just to play the tape.
  Other Mysteries about this, is a written message to one of the Portal mods...
  When we have more information we will let you all know what this all means! Be on the look out as we will have one of these lucky people who received these mysterious items on the show to talk about them!


  1. That note on the paper is what one of the monoliths says when you activate it.
    I haven't seen it since prior to the updates but I do remember seeing it


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