Changes to the Channel

How you doing guys? Today I wanted to touch base with people about some changes to CobraTV! Some of these changes are subtle, while others will be dramatic changes.
   What some of you have come to love about CobraTV will always stay the same, and we will even be improving on some of those things as well. Such as..


We are also adding Playlists to the front page of the channel these are going to include..
No Man's Sky videos (your videos) If you want to add your video please see this link
Add your videos here! 

Other playlists include
  • Interviews with developers
  • IndieTV
  • Boundless series 
  • Journey to the Hub a No Man's Sky adventure
  • and of course Revenge of the Survivor
A Comedic adventurous journey of a lost explorer surviving solely on blind luck, with his trusty space steed Rust Bucket.

Please stop by the front page of CobraTV on Youtube and check out the many new categories that we are offering.
CobraTV will not change from what you have come to expect, but we will be adding so much more. CobraTV is a WORK IN PROGRESS and will continue to expand at the same time as preserving the reasons why you subscribed in the first place! Thank you for reading! 


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