What is Revenge of the Survivor from No Man's Sky

The explanation behind the show Revenge of the Survivor! 
Since the first upload in my embarrassing attempt at survival, a show has been born out of it. It is NOT a Let's Play, It is not a tutorial, and its not to show off how far I am in the game, nor to rub my awesome freighter and my huge bank roll of units in your faces!

 Its best comparable to a TV series, of one survivor barley making it in the Universe. Its comical, and satire, but adventurous at the same time!  I wanted to do something different than all other No Man's Sky youtubers. I am allowing the games live in game random events write my story for me. 
  Yes I could have bought my freighter by now, and named the show Master Survivor, or something like that, but i don't see that as being fun. Instead I love to get into sticky situations and find ways out of them. That's the beauty of NMS! 

  The show is also there to be watched by those who are bored of the game, refunded the game, or never purchased the game! At the end of the day all I want to provide is a show that is being written by the game, and that can hopefully be enjoyed whether you like playing it or not! below is the Revenge of the survivor Collection to date. Please enjoy. Remember its meant to make you smile! #CobraTVandCHILL



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