New game called Make Sail

This is a new game called Make Sail, which is a crafting exploitative game. The art style caught my eye, along with the physics it is using! Let me know below what you guys think about Make Sail!   

 Make Sail is a physics construction adventure. Sail your creations through advanced water and wind simulations.
Survive an ocean of storms and beasts. Find better parts for better boats and share them online.

You begin Make Sail with just enough pieces to hobble to the next island.  On the way you'll find pieces to make your ship, bigger, faster stronger, prettier, stranger, wilder: more yours.
Every island lets you redesign and rebuild.  Gauge the seas around you to build a proper vessel.  There are beasts you'll need to be faster than.  Narrows you'll need to be narrower than.  Heights to reach and cargo to carry.
 Make Sail simulates wind drag and lift. Our custom buoyancy system accounts for water viscosity and drafting. Rudders turn and keels steady. 
 An angled sail can lift a boat, reducing drag and increasing speed. It's physically based rendering meets physically based sailing

Create your own library of ship designs and share them online. Snap together planks, poles, sails, masts, jets, propellers, balloons, propellers, sparklers and more. Take care that it floats....and right side up.


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