Saturday mornings with CobraTV

I can remember being a kid, and being woken up by the sun shinning on my face on a Saturday morning, rushing out the the living room and slamming down on the carpet for a onslaught of cartoon entertainment. No other care in the world. Of course now as an adult I cant say the same about the "No other care in the world" part, but I still love Saturday mornings! So much so that I would love to bring about some uploads for every Saturday! 
  One, would be a fun Let's Play. This could be seeing a game to finish, or just trying out different ones every Saturday. The other would be the previous nights SubCast of excited No Man's Sky fans. And a third upload for Saturday... Well I'm open for ideas. If you have any please comment below! 
  Im really hoping to create an entertaining day of uploads reserved specially just for Saturday, and all other activities for all other days will remain the same! Sometimes uploading non related No Man's Sky content could be a shock for my amazing Subscribers <3 So I would love to reserve one day for fun unrelated, and sometimes related No Man's Sky awesomenes. I look forward in the near future to spend an awesome Saturday with all of you! 


  1. Sounds like an awesome idea to me, honestly! You make wanna make an announcement about it so people don't get all upset that it's not NMS, though. I've noticed that's been a kind of a trend with Indie TV.

  2. I am the king of the world.


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