EA Continues to Ruin Star Wars to Telltale Batman Bullshido | The Rumandapples Show #108

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Talking all things gaming with the traditional flair of insanity. Every Monday Rumandapples dives into news analysis about the gaming industry including Microsoft's Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii U, PC, Independent games, entertainment, even MMA and pro wrestling.

This episode contains thoughts on: Saints Row Dev Open World Single Player Game Agents of Mayhem, Psychonauts is coming to the PS2 on PS4 program, Star Wars Battlefront 3 Fan Remake Galaxy in Turmoil Approved for Steam Release, APB Reloaded Launches on Xbox One and Nobody Cared, Mad Catz reports $11M loss following bad Rock Band 4 deal, Battleborn Lead Writer Leaves Gearbox, Telltale's Batman Game and Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed, new Star Wars games from Motive and Visceral, Plus More!

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