There's Sh!t in my Cupcake Should I Keep Eating to Titanfail 2 | UNcivilized Banter #37 5/27/16

UNcivilized Banter is a long talk format show hosted by Rumandapples and Roshu which ranges in covering topics from gaming, pro wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, pop culture, movies, comic books, plus much more!

This episode contains thoughts on: Titanfall 2 leak details larger maps new grappling hook, Absolver Online Melee RPG is Better than you think, Faze Clan leaves World Esports Association, Miitomo players abandoning Nintendo's app, WWE Brand Split to Divide Roster Between RAW and SmackDown, Minecraft Console Edition Battle PVP Mode, Florida man fined $48k for jamming cellphones while driving, Batman Discovers Joker's Biggest Secret, No Man's Sky delayed, Monkey Island creator asks Disney to sell IP, Mirror's Edge, Mega Man TV shows plus more!

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