Hulk Hogan Tavern Banter to Submarine Sandwich Blunts - UNcivilized Banter #23 2/5/2016

UNcivilized Banter is a long talk format show hosted by Rumandapples and Roshu which ranges in covering topics from gaming, pro wrestling, pop culture, movies, comic books, plus much more!

This episode contains thoughts on: The new Doom drops on May 13th, CCP's Dust 514 shutting down in May, DayZ forums hacked: usernames, emails and passwords compromised, Nintendo Gets Apology From Eight Year Old Boy, Are we seeing the death of SEGA, 5 Rules Of Video Game Buying That Didn't Exist A Decade Ago, The Strong Museum World Video Game Hall of Fame, Why gamers don't call themselves gamers, plus more!

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