Why choose one game

  With the surge of space games on the rise, and game development becoming more cutting edge. These space games could at first glance look like copycat games.

  After uploading another Planet Nomads video recently with brand new footage. I have seen comments like "Seems a lot like No Man's Sky, and "Looks a lot like Space Engineers"
I can't help but think to myself, well for one, the only things that remind me of No Man's Sky is the colors, and the fact that it takes place on alien worlds. Other than that there are LOADS of things Planet Nomads doesn't do that No Man's Sky does, and visa versa!
   In Planet Nomads, you can build just about anything... wait! Why am I even trying to point out the obvious differences? We all own more than one game. And obviously those of us that are into No Man's Sky are into space games. Whether it be Elite Dangerous Horizons, Star Citizen, Planet Nomads, No Man's Sky, Space Engineers and so many more. We are in luck with all of this cool Sci-Fi stuff to play. Why lay them all down onto a table and pick just one!? 
  I understand that buying a game also means investing your time in it, and games can be pricey. So picking, and choosing for those reason is understandable, and i feel the same way. With that said, as I take a look at my gaming shelf, I myself see a trend in the games I buy (mostly open world games) And i have more than one.
  The point is each of the games mentioned above offer something the next one doesn't! But all offer hours upon hours of enjoyment.  These games all seem the same on the outside, but all have different reasons to play them.  Not all of these games will be for you, and will always be around to buy whenever you are ready.
  We all must be Sci-Fi fans, and if we are, this awesome movement should make us all happy!


  1. The similarity between No Man's Sky and Planet Nomads is only superficial. They are very different games.


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