Mystery Song Madness to OH YEAH FALLOUT 4 MACHO CLAWS - The Rumandapples Show (RAS) #87 1/11/2016

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Talking all things gaming with the traditional flair of insanity. Every Monday Rumandapples dives into news analysis about the gaming industry including Microsoft's Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii U, PC, Independent games, entertainment, even MMA and pro wrestling.

This episode contains thoughts on: Sony fails to secure "Let's Play" trademark, Star Wars Pinball reveals two The Force Awakens tables yet no Episode 7 content for Star Wars Battlefront, Gears of War 4 Release Date Moves to Fall 2016, Australian esports org drops CS:GO team over match-fixing allegations, Why Gamespot misleads it's audience, Shenmue 3 PayPal backers denied Kickstarter exclusive reward options as originally promised, EA Sports UFC 2 sets March release date, A Boy and His Blob revived for modern systems, Fallout 4 mod adds mutated Macho Man Randy Savage, Awesome Games Done Quick raised $1.2 million, GTA Online PS4 Servers Suffer Outage, plus the mother f'n mystery song!

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