Mother F'n Curse and eSports in High School - UNcivilized Banter #20 1/15/2016

UNcivilized Banter is a long talk format show hosted by Rumandapples and Roshu which ranges in covering topics from gaming, pro wrestling, pop culture, movies, comic books, plus much more!

This episode contains thoughts on: Mojang-published Cobalt gets Steam, Xbox release date, eSports class in high school, Disney invests in new YouTube channel network starring PewDiePie, ESPN Gets Really Serious About Esports With New Division, The Division's microtransactions, The Division vs Destiny, Portal fan film director helming surprise Cloverfield sequel, Vivendi sells its stake in Activision Blizzard, New Hitman game switches to episodic model, a rant about CURSE and Minecraft, plus more!

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by Bernard J. Perry
Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!

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