Gummy Hitler & Skynet Creepiness - UNcivilized Banter #18 1/1/2016

UNcivilized Banter is a long talk format show hosted by Rumandapples and Roshu which ranges in covering topics from gaming, pro wrestling, pop culture, movies, comic books, plus much more!

Joining the show today is Tazer from The Tazer Gaming Network

This episode contains thoughts on: 911 Dispatcher Reprimanded for Reportedly Playing Games While on Duty, Kojima Productions considering film and TV production, Pokemon Original Card Game Getting Re Release in Japan, Far Cry Primal Gets Mature Rating, Descent Games Removed From GOG, Dev Claims It Hasn't Been Paid Royalties in Years, Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens discussion,  Skynet kills the stream, plus more! 

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Theme Song Credits:
by Bernard J. Perry
Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!

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