No Man's Sky Universe or Galaxy

No Man's Sky ★ Galaxy or Universe. 
Tons of new people are posed with the age old question we all ask when we find out about this game! Seeing how Hello games CHANGED their text on the website from Universe to Galaxy!

Many newer people are confused! Among the large sea of videos and articles its hard for them to find the source of this answer!
  So there you have it, it's a universe with more than one galaxy. Why more than one? Why not? Is a better question..  We dont officially know how many planets are in one galaxy in NMS. So variety is a good one, to help with the lore for another, and to make it feel more like a living place, A working universe! It's also good to note that each galaxy is seperated into regions, and controled by different factions! So much more we dont know about this amazing mysterious game! So if you guys see anyone needing any help with understanding the "universe vs galaxy" help them out, or share this video! I love you guys!


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