Winner of this weeks fan art feature! Congrats bro! 


Explore nms is best viewed on a PC/Desktop view. 
We have changed things around on ExploreNMS.com
Guys even though NMS is more of A single player experience, there are a few things to keep in mind! 
  • Sean wants to add a more traditional multiplayer experience later down the road! So one day we may be able to play along side each other. 
  • The second coolest part is that these groups we have started on this site could act just as NASA does. It's members can feel like they are part of a explorers organization, and working for A common goal to go out, and explore where no one has gone before, and to bring home the discoveries to their group and claim them under the respective group! thats why we created ExploreNMS.com, Its so cool to see these other groups within this website, and I love it!
  This site is not in competition with The NMS subreddit. We aren't trying to be the first and only source of info! I (Cobra TV) have always looked at the NMS subreddit as a massive part of the NMS community as a whole! But ExploreNMS is about the Explorer (you), Your journey, and adventure, your stories, and discoveries. Your fan art, your fan fiction. Post your Let's plays here as well! Express your selves how you like! Post and share with other explorers!
I love you guys! 
Until Next TIme! 


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