Throwing Sparks | #1

Whats up guys, its Jacobi Sparks, and I want to introduce to you a new section here at Cobratv.gnn called Throwing Sparks. Whats Throwing Sparks? Glad you asked. Its a rant blog about gaming, and related materials. Warning: Strong Language. Now that that's out of the way...

Oh Forza, you are a great racing game series...but you seriously are fucking up, and in some serious denial. Lets start easy, Forza Horizon 2 on 360, Sumo Games ruined it. Its glitchy, its buggy, the car selection is shit and they never did any DLC for the 360 version, at all, there are random invisible walls. ledges on the road that can send you flying or stop you dead in your tracks. Its not a horrible game, but its seriously neglected, and to top it off, online play is reduced to random lobbies, random classes, random events...Forget trying to drift, cruise, or have any fun with friends. Now, how about the new Forza Motorsport 6 coming out on Xbox One? Ok, they made the car list closer to what they had in Forza Motorsport 4...but still not close enough, thats sad that a game made in 2011 has more cars then any of the recent titles since. Custom public searchable lobbies, like from FM4 and the original Horizon? Nope. Auction house? Nope. Gifting cars? Nope. Clubs? NOPE. This has been a staple of the franchise, even a focus in the last game, and now their gone? And Turn 10 insists they have been listening to the community, yet literally the things everyone wants most, are not there. I used to love this gaming series, but after the old games get old, and the new ones are lackluster, they are strangling themselves and about to loose a lot of their fanbase. On the plus side, minus things as Auction house and such, Horizon 2 on the Xbox One wasn't bad.
Get it the fuck together Turn 10!

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto is an amazing game, and Rockstar is a rather great company. They deliver some of the most polished experiences for open world sandbox gaming, and have for over a decade. But they are not without flaws, and the latest update is a hot steaming pile of shit of an example of this. The DLC had some things, a few cars, a new gun, new clothing options, nothing to spectacular unless you just adore the new Supercar, the Pagasi Osiris. But here is the issue...Money. Everything in this DLC costs a SHITLOAD of cash, the worst offenders being a golden Luxor Jet and Swift Helicopter, both already having been in the game, now demanding $15,000,000 between the two. If you don't know, they sell Shark Cards, which gives you cash, and $100 buys you 8 million in the game...So you're telling me, just the gold Luxor alone at 10m, is worth OVER $100 real life cash? And the common argument is you can work for it, but its hard enough to save up one million dollars, even with heists added in the last DLC, which are very hard to pull off and don't pay as much as one might think. The entire DLC, cars, air vehicles, clothes, all add up to around 20m-25m in game money...Their either trying to sell a shit ton of shark cards, or forcing players to cheat for money...Either way, fuck this DLC, and Rockstar you should be shamed.

Thats all for now, if you like, please let me know what gaming controversy you wanna hear about. Might have to tackle the all-dreaded "Watch Dogs"-esk issue with graphical downgrades next time.

--Jacobi Sparks


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