No Man's Sky E3 2015

This E3 has been my Fav of all time! I'm not sure if its NMS, or that PC's, and consoles have really come into some really powerful moments! With that said I want to first point out that Hello games will be speaking at 2 more events
Wednesday @ 4:20PM PT Gamespot Live
Thursday @ 1:00 PM PT Playstation live stream
  I hope to see more gameplay, and that (promised soon) release date tease by Sean Murray, during Sony's Press Conference.

    As we can see From these new screen shots the game has changed alot since we seen it at the end of last year! Sean Murray took the stage with a thunderous effect of confidence! Something i haven't seen out of him yet!
   Please enjoy the rest of these Pics and some related videos below while we wait for more! Don't for get to go over and make a.....

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