**IF YOU FOUND THIS, PASS IT ON, AND SHARE IT! Explore No Man's Sky ( ExploreNMS )

Come check out....www.ExploreNMS.Proboards.com, Your Story begins in NMS! That goes for all of us around the world! An all of us will have a different one!! either through the games immersive interaction, or through the mind of someone creative, role playing an adventure beyond our imaginations! This adventure will belong to you, and many of us are going to want to read, and watch that work of art!
   The vision is for ExploreNMS is become a place for us to gather while waiting for and playing the, To have it become an extension to NMS. Post pictures, videos, fan-fiction, discoveries, galactic urban legends! Tell your stories through videos , lets plays, or through short stories, and written series. Building your character into your idea hero, explorer, or villian!
    Help map out the universe and pass on to the next generation what we have learned, fought, and discovered! ExlporeNMS is an explorers hub, home, base of operations! Please come and join us! and please share this video!


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