Universe episode!

Currently working on the universe episode, and should be uploaded by tuesday or weds! I love taking calls and uploading Subcasts, because you guys help me from being arrested, for harassing strangers about NMS in public!  But i will be talking about factions, the different regions, and the center of the galaxy, plus a whole lot more! It isn't finished yet, so put in your universe topics here, and if there's enough info to talk about or, could speculate on then i would love to bring it up! You guys are amazing and awesome I love you all! Until next time!


  1. We know that the game will have 18 quintillion planets, but is that on just the initial galaxy seed or the combination of all possible galaxy seeds.

    And if so, will these proceeding galaxy seeds have more chaotic variation of creatures than the previous ones.

    -Andy Donahue

  2. ¿ Hellogame imagine yourself to stand in the center of the galaxy a black hole and that upon entering you launch another procedural universe created from other seed ?
    also imagine and waited that throughout the universe find some anomalies ( wormholes , gaseous nebulae where flying is difficult because of its visibility , rings like Saturn made ​​from rubble ) not very ultra outstanding graphically , I think it can be sensilla that idea.

    Here then I expose that story may have following the bots patrolling protecting life .

    I think the Galaxy entered this what remains of humanity.
    ruins or a super computer that controls the robots that monitor the universe.
    The last order that allowed humans before disappearing is city life .
    (it's a crazy theory LOOL but if we are imagining my mind not to create any procedural situations emte Xd )

  3. You should talk about getting around/the map/naming things/space stations/their own version of the periodic table!

  4. Discuss planet/star size variety.

  5. If going to the center of the galaxy is the only way to get to the next galaxy do you think the first person through gets to name the next galaxy?

    1. Most likely not, and you can go "the long way".
      That basically means fly to the next galaxy (if that's even what blackholes do in this game, no one knows for 100%)


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