Get on the show!!!

If you guys want on the show Just add me on skype (lpoli1622) thats LpoLi1622. Donations are not how to get on the show but if you donate 50.00 or more,You can decide what we talk about on a future episode and co-host it with me! other than that all subcasts do not require a donation! love you guys!


  1. And we will bro! your Subcast will be the next video i upload!

  2. Yeah my subcall with u and illuminati Was pretty sweet:

    If u ever want me on again dude, just let me know! Your shows are normally awesome and I LOVE th subcalls :D

    Just wat he'd your 2 newest videos and more of those kinda videos!

    Keep it up dude😎

    1. @evan yeah bro! had such a fun time talking to you too! i learned never to know what to expect with you guys! cant wait for the next call!

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